Biofuel becomes more and more popular every year. The available modern biofuel production and combustion technologies allow to efficiently use almost all of the forest and wood processing industry waste. The main source of biofuel for UAB IRMARIM is a biomass of wood, i.e. the by-products and waste of wood processing.

The solid biofuels are measured by the calorific value (which depends on the origin of the biofuel), humidity and ash content.

Biofuel - shingle
Biofuel - shingle

Biofuel – the influence of the ash content to the combustion technologies

The ash content affects:

  • the contamination of the boiler surfaces;

  • the work intensity of the system, which removes ash;

  • the contamination of the economizer.

The calorific value of biofuel depends on the moisture content in the fuel mass.



Wood sawdust pellets

Wood sawdust pellets – solid fuel is made from wood waste (sawdust). The wood pellets are carefully assembled, dried and suppressed.

Our pellets are packed in bags of 15 kg, which are placed on wooden pallets, which makes them convenient for transportation and storage.

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