Building wood is an unhandled wood, which is used as a constructional material

We can offer many types of building wood

You can get a single or double cutting deciduous or coniferous building wood of different dimensions with a transportation service or without it. If you provide an individual order, we can cut the building wood from deciduous or coniferous trees and make it in any necessary dimensions. We can also produce and supply the building wood of various sizes and specifications. The thickness, width and length of the building wood products may be varying.

Building wood pricelist

Stringers (bruselas)

3000/6000x50x25 145 €
3000/6000x50x50 145 €

Double cutting planks

3000/6000x100x25 145 €
6000x100x30 145 €
6000x130x25 145 €
6000x130x30 145 €
6000x150x25 145 €

Rafter support beams

6000x100x100 145 €
6000x150x150 145 €
6000x200x150 145 €


6000x100x50 145 €
6000x150x50 145 €
6000x200x50 145 €
6000x250x50 150 €

6000x250x60 150 €

Single cutting planks

Storis: 25 mm, 30 mm
Ilgis: 3000/6000 mm
Kaina: 105 €

Storis: 50 mm
Ilgis: 3000/6000 mm
Kaina: 115 €

All building wood prices are listed excluding VAT

  • Stringers (bruselas) – wood products, whose section width is less than two times bigger than the height. In practice, stringers (bruselas) are square or close to square section. In the constructions, stringers (bruselas) are usually used as retaining or supporting structures, for example, for fixing the finishing boards and frame. These are usually pillars, columns, rungs, purlins, beams, floor beams, etc. Depending on the purpose for using them in the constructions, the stringers (bruselas) may be planed, dried, antiseptised and covered with a fireproof solution (fire retardant).

  • Planks– an elongated product of cut wood, whose sectional thickness is almost two times thinner than the width and the thickness does not exceed 100 mm. The use for wooden planks can be various: it can be used for the finishing works as well as for various supporting constructions, backing, auxiliary structures, etc.

  • Rafters – building construction, holding mono-pitch or double-pitch roof. Roof covering is fixed onto the battens or plank underlay, which is placed on top of the rafters.

We cut different posts for fences


Posts for fences

Fence posts with pyramid-shaped tops.

The following dimensions are available:

Length: 2100/2400 mm

Width: 150/175/200 mm

Thickness: 150/175/200 mm


Posts for fences

Fence posts with pyramid-shaped tops.

The following dimensions are available:

Length: 1800/2100/2400 mm

Width: 125/150 mm

Thickness: 75 mm


Beams for the fences

Different beams for fences

The following dimensions are available:

Length: 1800/2100/2400/2700/3000 mm

Width: 75/100/125 mm

Thickness: 75/100/125 mm

Planks, stringers (bruselas)
Impregnated building wood

The wood impregnation technologies, applied by UAB IRMARIM, allow the impregnated material to penetrate deep into the wood and improve its characteristics. For that reason, the impregnated wood will serve you longer and will be significantly more resistant to the adverse environmental effects (moisture, dirt and pests).

Constructional building wood, etc.

Considering the client’s needs, the wood may be planed, calibrated and impregnated. Also, if the clients request, the wood may be additionally processed with a special odourless and colourless solution that protects against mould and colour changes.

We can guarantee that the wood preparations for any purposes, will be manufactured only from the highest quality raw materials!

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